9/9/21 1:49 PM

Customer Success Story: Automation & Customization Increase Efficiency

With the real estate market booming, many title professionals are busier than ever. The first step to ensure that you're working smarter and not harder is choosing title software that will streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. That's exactly what Monica Schroeder, president of Apex Closing Services, LLC, did when she and her company upgraded to SoftPro Select in 2019. 

Apex Closing Services began using SoftPro Enterprise in 2005, but as the business grew, Monica needed a way to better streamline tasks being handled between offices in multiple states and time zones. The switch to SoftPro Select allowed the Apex Closing Services team to utilize automation, tasking, and customization to increase efficiency. "We love the automation capabilities within Select," says Monica. "We have customized a long list of cascading tasks for our escrow and title departments. Select has enabled us to operate in a virtually paperless environment with our team members working remotely across the U.S." 

Monica and her team have also taken advantage of a number of SoftPro's additional services, including reconciliation, annual maintenance, training, and task and template customization to keep their business performing at peak potential. And no matter what services they utilize, the Apex Closing Services team knows they can always count on the expertise of SoftPro's award-winning customer service. 

"The knowledge and professionalism of the SoftPro team members is unparalleled. Everyone we talk to has the same goal - help us improve our efficiency and lighten the load of our team members," adds Monica. 

Great job to Monica and the team at Apex Closing Solutions for more efficiently meeting their customers' needs with SoftPro Select! If you're looking to take your title business to the next level, see what SoftPro Select can do for you

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