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Khara-Beth Harbin at Pace Law Works Smarter with SoftPro Hosted!


Khara-Beth Harbin is a paralegal at Pace Law in Savannah, Georgia specializing in real estate, corporate and estate planning law. Throughout her law career, Harbin has experience using a number of software solutions, and her first introduction to SoftPro was in 2016. In 2019, Pace Law made the move to SoftPro Hosted, and has since been able to significantly enhance productivity within their operations. 

SoftPro Hosted is a fully customizable and configurable solution that offers all of the features and functionality of SoftPro Select, with minimal IT costs and requirements... and allows you to work remotely with your computer and internet access! SoftPro Hosted gives title agents complete protection and security of your data. SoftPro provides the server backups you require and encrypts them for safe delivery and access in the future.

Since implementing SoftPro’s Hosted solution, Harbin and her team have immensely improved their day-to-day operations and gained efficiencies through SoftPro's capabilities of completely customizing documents, formulas, reports, templates and more. 

Harbin says, "With all that SoftPro Select Hosted has to offer, I finally feel that I am working smarter, not harder! I will never use another software provider again!"

We asked Harbin some questions about how SoftPro was able to help her achieve success. 

What challenges were you able to overcome with SoftPro? 

I started my career as a real estate paralegal in 2010. My first experience with a software solution was using a provider other than SoftPro and therefore, I was unaware that such an amazing product even existed. In early 2019, I accepted a new position at another law firm that was not using SoftPro. Preparing title commitments, CDs, HUDs and final title insurance policies was basically a nightmare. I did not even have the option to prepare commercial closing statements with this software. I was doing almost everything manually.

How was SoftPro able to give you a solution? 

The attorney I worked for at my previous firm started his own firm in April of 2020 and asked me to join him. I was insistent that if I was going to leave with him, we purchase SoftPro Select with the custom integrations. I worked with my integration specialist to customize the software and design documents for my firm's specific needs. The SoftPro Support staff, group training programs, one-on-one training, and other support tools are fantastic as well!

What results were you able to achieve because of SoftPro? 

With all that SoftPro Select has to offer, I finally feel that I am working smarter, not harder! I will never use another software provider again!

Learn more about SoftPro's Hosted solution and start taking advantage of increased security, reliability and efficiency in your office.


Do you have any favorite SoftPro features to share with us?
Let us know below or on social media. We'd love to hear your story! 


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