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Landon A. Dunn Improves Security and Productivity with SoftPro Hosted

Landon A. Dunn, PALandon A. Dunn, P.A. is a law firm specializing in legal services for real estate, estate planning, and estate administration and is based out of Matthews, North Carolina. Dunn has been practicing law since 1981, and Landon A. Dunn, P.A. has been a SoftPro customer since 2005. In 2019, their office made the move to SoftPro Hosted, and has since been able to significantly enhance productivity within their operations. 

SoftPro Hosted is a fully customizable and configurable solution that offers all of the features and functionality of SoftPro Select, with minimal IT costs and requirements... and allows you to work remotely with your computer and internet access! SoftPro Hosted gives title agents complete protection and security of your data. We provide the server backups you require and encrypt them for safe delivery and access in the future.

Since implementing SoftPro’s Hosted solution, Dunn’s staff has had the flexibility to work either in the office or remotely from home without missing a beat. Dunn also appreciates the high level of data security through SoftPro’s Hosted platform.

Dunn says, "The program has enhanced staff productivity to meet the demanding needs of the real estate closing world."

We asked Landon some questions about how SoftPro was able to help her achieve success. Check out her responses below: 

What challenge were you able to overcome with SoftPro? 

My firm wanted to transition from an outside tech company to providing in-house tech services. I wanted my staff to have the ability to work from their home or the office regarding real estate closings. I wanted seamless functionality and security - no problems with software glitches or complicated programs.

How was SoftPro able to give you a solution? 

SoftPro Hosted did everything we wanted and more. The program is easy to use. The tech support is outstanding. My paralegal especially likes the custom forms we were able to create within the program.

What results were you able to achieve because of SoftPro? 

We are ready and able to assist my clients with excellent real estate services with staff working from home and office securely. The program has enhanced staff productivity to meet the demanding needs of the real estate closing world.

Learn more about SoftPro's Hosted solution and start taking advantage of increased security, reliability and efficiency in your office.


Do you have any favorite SoftPro features to share with us?
Let us know below or on social media. We'd love to hear your story! 


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