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Manage Your Real Estate Tasks Seamlessly with SoftPro [Free Guide]

At SoftPro, we know our real estate partners are juggling countless tasks, while expertly moving each transaction toward a successful closing. That’s why SoftPro offers premier task management solutions to make your job and staying on top of your files easier. Our solutions help to streamline your workflow and allow you to tackle your to-do list effortlessly. As technology continues to shape the real estate landscape and allows more companies to offer flexible, remote-work environments for their employees, creating and managing tasks online will ensure customers are served quickly and efficiently.

SoftPro Select users benefit from a fully customizable service that allows them to oversee the closing process digitally, from start to finish. Users can track milestones on transactions and offer real-time information of where they are in the closing process to all parties involved - without having to be physically present in the office. With SoftPro, you can skip the Post-it Notes and mountains of paperwork and boost your productivity with our proven software solutions where files can be accessed from the comfort of your desktop!

Already a SoftPro user or interested in becoming one? Perfect! We've put together a downloadable guide with tips and tricks on how to create and manage your tasks using SoftPro Select. The download includes information on the following:

1.   Creating Tasks - including cascading tasks, automating tasks and templating tasks.
2.  Managing Tasks - including My Work Items, work lists, and reports.

Ready to learn more about task management in SoftPro Select?
Download your free guide now:


Looking for more information on adopting paperless strategies? Check out our free e-book on How to Achieve a Paperless Office.

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