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Social Media Strategies for Title and Escrow, Part 2 [Free E-book]

Launching a social media account for your title or escrow business is the first step. But the long-term success you have in the social media space comes with step number two - developing your content strategy. Your social media accounts act as a digital front door to your business, just as much as your company website does. The content you develop and share tells your company’s story, your values and the customer experience you offer. That’s why it’s important to deliver relevant, timely and engaging content, so when people visit your social media accounts, whether it’s your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or a combination of platforms, they walk away feeling more connected to your business and your employees.

Creating your social media content might seem challenging at first, but at its heart, it’s an organic extension of your work culture and the products and services you bring to the table. Title and escrow companies offer similar services, but your social media strategy can help differentiate your business from others. Your social media should elevate what sets your company apart from others in the industry and be a source of inspiration to your employees and customers. Offering various materials and ensuring posts feature a visual element, whether it’s a photo, graphic or video, is key for engagement. Just like your marketing plan, take time to set measurable goals for your content strategy. Sporadically posting when you feel like it probably won’t garner the impact you want. Start by determining your “why” behind launching a social media page. Is it to increase brand awareness and sales? Connect with your community in a more meaningful way? Direct people to learn more about your business through a call to action? Likely it’s a mixture of all those and more, and your content should work toward reaching those goals. At its core, social media is a conversation. Gaining followers and cultivating your online community is a critical part of any social media strategy.

Download our free e-book to learn how to:

  • Incorporate video into your social media
  • Cross-promote your social content
  • Manage and schedule your posts
  • Interact with your audience
  • Choose the right tools and platforms for your business


Did you miss part 1 of this e-book series? Download "Social Media Strategies for Title and Escrow Companies, Part 1" to learn how to get started with social media and choose the right platforms for your business.

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