2/20/24 10:48 AM

Free Webinar: Strategic Planning for 2024

As the new year begins, it can feel overwhelming to plan a strategy to triumph in an uncertain market. The Strategic Planning for 2024 webinar, presented by SoftPro and October Research's The Title Report, covers strategies that can be applied to your...
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2/14/24 10:53 AM

Saved You a Seat Episode 52: SoftPro Select Tips & Tricks

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Episode 52 of our Saved You a Seat webinar series: SoftPro Select Tips & Tricks. We hope that you learned something new and exciting to apply to your use of SoftPro Select.
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2/13/24 10:51 AM

What to Expect and 5 Tips to Thrive in the 2024 Housing Market

What’s the old saying— “When you've hit rock bottom, the only way is up?” While 2023 wasn’t quite rock bottom for the housing market, it felt that way at times. A spring homebuying season that never was, persistent low inventory, high prices, and soaring...
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2/1/24 10:51 AM

Introducing the General Title Integration in SoftPro 360!

SoftPro has released a new integration to its SoftPro 360 platform with General Title Insurance Company. The new title production integration is immediately available via the SoftPro 360 vendor portal.
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1/31/24 10:50 AM

Free Q1 Economic Forecast Webinar from SoftPro & October Research!

SoftPro and October Research have teamed up to produce an Economic Forecast webinar series. The 2024 Q1 webinar features Michael Fratantoni, chief economist and senior vice president of research and industry technology at Mortgage Bankers Association.
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1/25/24 1:55 PM

Free Webinar: Outlook for the 2024 Housing Market

The outlook for the housing market in 2024 is heavily dependent on the path of inflation and the health of the economy. While the Fed has indicated it is done with rate hikes for the time being, housing affordability and supply continue to hinder the...
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1/24/24 10:53 AM

Saved You a Seat Episode 51: Tips for Your 1099-S Filings

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Episode 51 of our Saved You a Seat webinar series: Tips for Your 1099-S Filings. We hope you found the insights in this webinar helpful and that you're ready to tackle your 1099-S filings with confidence!
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1/23/24 10:51 AM

January 2024 State Regulatory Compliance Updates

Comprehensive data privacy legislation has passed in New Jersey and New Mexico has adopted certain ALTA 2021 forms.
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1/11/24 10:51 AM

SoftPro Customer Testimonial — Andrea Somers

Andrea Somers and the team at Network Transaction Solutions rely on automation in SoftPro Select to cut down on manual tasks and increase their overall efficiency.
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1/9/24 10:57 AM

Celebrating 40 Years of SoftPro!

We're excited to celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2024, and we want you to be a part of it! Since SoftPro's founding in 1984, the focus has always been on our customers, and 2024 will be no different. Join us starting this month and throughout the rest...
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