9/26/23 1:54 PM

Free Webinar: Compliant Marketing Tactics

Regulators on every level are increasing their oversight on the marketing tactics of those in the title insurance and mortgage lending industries. How can you keep up? The Compliant Marketing Tactics webinar, presented by SoftPro and Dodd Frank Update,...
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9/21/23 10:51 AM

October Research's Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Special Report

Everyone in the settlement services industry knows the risks of wire fraud, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to today's cyber concerns. Do you know who is going after your data and how to ensure you're not giving it away? Are you...
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9/20/23 10:49 AM

Saved You a Seat Episode 48: The Importance of Title Companies' Relationships with Realtors

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Episode 48 of our Saved You a Seat webinar series: The Importance of Title Companies' Relationships with Realtors. We hope that we were able to open your eyes to the importance of forming solid business...
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9/19/23 10:47 AM

SoftPro Customer Appreciation Week 2023

Customer Appreciation Week 2023 is October 2nd - 6th! 2023 has been an exciting year! SoftPro would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the ingenuity and determination of our AMAZING customers. Throughout SoftPro Customer Appreciation Week 2023,...
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9/14/23 10:54 AM

SoftPro Sign Customer Testimonial – Angie Bodenheimer

Angie Bodenheimer and the team at Knight Barry Title Group use SoftPro Sign to save time, increase efficiency, and securely send and receive information to and from their customers. We chatted with Angie about the challenges her team faced before using...
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9/6/23 10:55 AM

Free Webinar: Avoiding Mortgage Payoff Fraud

Mortgage fraud is a growing threat that is costing homeowners millions of dollars a year nationwide. The Avoiding Mortgage Payoff Fraud webinar, presented by SoftPro and October Research, features national fraud experts who want to help you understand...
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8/29/23 3:30 PM

Saved You a Seat Episode 47: 1099-S Filing Mid-Year Prep

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Episode 47 of our Saved You a Seat webinar series: 1099-S Filing Mid-Year Prep. We hope that you learned the importance of prepping for your 1099-S filings now, in the months before you'll officially file with...
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8/24/23 10:45 AM

How To Protect Your Title Company from Wire Fraud

In today’s evolving technological landscape, wire fraud is a pervasive risk, particularly in real estate transactions. According to the FBI’s 2022 Internet Crime Report, the problem is only getting worse, with an 86% increase in monetary losses in the...
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8/16/23 10:45 AM

SoftPro Banking Introduces New BankUnited Integration

SoftPro has released a new integration to its SoftPro Banking platform with BankUnited. The SoftPro Banking integration will allow BankUnited clients to automate the sending and receiving of wire transfers.
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8/11/23 10:45 AM

Meet Randy McMichael — Trendsetters from SoftPro & October Research!

Each quarter, SoftPro sponsors Trendsetters by October Research. This series focuses on professionals in the title insurance industry who have made a significant impact and emerged as leaders, demonstrating their passion for the industry in everything...
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