8/29/18 10:00 AM

How a 3-way reconciliation can help you "get happy with the numbers"

What would happen if one of your customer ledgers had a negative balance that went undetected for several months or if a mortgage payoff never cleared the bank? Or maybe one of your closers forgot to issue a check for taxes or a receipt that you were...
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6/11/18 1:21 PM

What does reconciliation of trust accounts have to do with real estate settlements?

A question that some may ask is “What does reconciliation have to do with real estate settlement?” The answer is simple, “Everything”. We all know that most real estate transactions involve the exchange of significant amounts of money. That money is...
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5/10/18 2:00 PM

Internal fraud is as devastating as any external theft. Don't be the victim!

Every day, we hear more and more stories about millions of dollars being stolen as a result of external fraud or hacker attacks. But often times, financial frauds result from someone internally misappropriating consumer funds and performing fraudulent...
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