8/22/18 10:00 AM

Close commercial deals like a pro! [Free E-book]

Managing commercial real estate closings can be a daunting and complex task. Download the Essential Guide to learn how to start using commercial capabilities in SoftPro Select and become a master of efficiency and productivity.
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8/8/18 11:03 AM

Tara Gunderson, HomeServices of America - SoftPro customer testimonial

Tara Gunderson from HomeServices of America tells us why she'd recommend SoftPro to others
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7/9/18 10:17 AM

Dale Teruya, Title Partners Agency - SoftPro Customer Testimonial

Dale Teruya from Title Partners Agency tells us why he chose SoftPro and loves it!
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6/11/18 1:21 PM

What do reconciliations have to do with real estate settlements?

A question that some may ask is “What does reconciliation have to do with real estate settlement?” The answer is simple, “Everything”. We all know that most real estate transactions involve the exchange of significant amounts of money. That money is...
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5/10/18 2:00 PM

Internal fraud is as devastating as external theft. Don't be a victim!

Every day, we hear more and more stories about millions of dollars being stolen as a result of external fraud or hacker attacks. But often times, financial fraud results from someone internally misappropriating consumer funds and performing fraudulent...
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3/26/18 10:00 AM

Automation can help you become your customers' superhero [Free E-book]

The pace of digital business is rapidly increasing, where customers demand more and better solutions much faster. Simply stated, everyone has to do a lot more with less, period. This certainly places a lot of burden on business in all industries, not...
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3/2/18 11:40 AM

Dealing with commercial closings? Ditch your Excel!

Great software for commercial transactions should provide the same benefits as for residential - save time and reduce the risk of errors, to ultimately provide better customer service with faster turnaround and more accurate work. Unfortunately, many...
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2/20/18 10:00 AM

Don't make data security your company's downfall

As more of the world gains internet access, cyber criminals are moving their attacks from machines to humans. It’s estimated that just over 50% of the world’s population has access to the internet and that number is expected to climb to 75% in the next...
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2/15/18 2:00 PM

Surety Title Agency maximizes power of SoftPro with QuickBooks

Surety Title Agency, Inc. and SoftPro have a lot in common. Both companies went into business in the early 1980’s with a desire to be a trusted partner to their respective clients. The paths of the two companies would come together in 2015 when Surety...
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1/25/18 10:00 AM

Save time by filing your 1099-S  electronically in SoftPro

With 1099 season in full swing, there is a great opportunity to simplify your 1099 process, have more time to prepare your filings, and be able to spend your time more efficiently on other tasks by filing your 1099-S records online.  All you need is the...
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